Surf Sports

Burleigh’s IRB

Burleigh’s Surf Sports program offers to members an IRB racing during the seasons winter months.

A high octane event, inflatable rescue boat (IRB) racing is a real reinforcement of lifesaving skills and at same time provides thrills and sometimes spills in competition.

The racing is all about simulating rescue situations and testing the abilities of Drivers and Crewies in a competitive setting. Burleigh has very competitive members, gear and equipment that has showed in the results that are being achieved each season throughout the Carnival Calendar. All the skills that are obtained through IRB Racing are displayed on Burleigh Beach when Patrol Season commences and ensures our Patrols are adequately equipped with skilled IRB Crews.

We look forward to new members joining each season, so if you would like to compete in this adrenalin sport, please see our IRB Officer.

If you are interested in obtaining your Crewies or Drivers Award, please email our Chief Training Office [email protected] as the club conducts several courses throughout the season.