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Board, Ski and Beach

Burleigh’s Board, Ski and Beach section provides training sessions for our members who want to retain a level of fitness and compete in Surf Carnivals for Burleigh.

Members that compete in Under 14’s – Opens have tailored training sessions put in place by our Coaches.

So whether you paddle a board or ski, swim or engage in irons you will find a session suitable for you. Our athletes must meet minimum Patrol hours to compete.

Over many years Burleigh has produced Australian Title Medallists in Flags and Sprints both individually and in teams.

Burleigh offers members specialised training in Beach Sprints and Flags that enables our sand athletes the opportunity to hone their skills and find that little bit extra to give them the competitive edge.

Our program caters for our Nippers, Seniors and Masters so all can benefit from intense and diversified training sessions.

A specific training program is implemented for our Senior Competitors during the season by our coaches.

To obtain further information contact our Surf Sports – [email protected].

We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed and you will go to the next level
in Surf Sports.