Junior Member Information


Nipper Season

The Nipper season commences in September each year and our sign on days are in the last week of August and early September each year. From 5 years old to 13 years old our goal is to educate our Nippers in Surf Awareness and Life Saving Skills. Each age group learns more as they get older, with the younger ones learning the importance of swimming between the flags and fun at the beach. As they move through the age groups they are introduced to beach and water skills and in their last season Junior Members our under 14’s complete the Surf Rescue Certificate which allows them to become a Patrolling member under the guidance of our senior Patrol members.

Nippers is always a fun way to stay safe and learn beach and surf skills that can transform kids into Patrolling LifeSavers.

Many of our Nipper Children take the opportunity to attend our Sunday Morning sessions from 8.30am – 10.30am and undertake fun filled activities with children of their own age. Our Club encourages parental involvement with all Age Groups and the Sunday Morning sessions are conducted in safe and friendly aquatic environment at Burleigh Beach.

Our coaching this season continues under the guidance of our Head Water Coach with assistant coaches. On Nippers continue to develop into a healthy competitive team. In addition we have a highly successful March Past crew that are looking for more competitors. Our Beach Competitors are well catered for in Sprints and Flags by our Beach Coach. We also have R&R and Champion Lifesaver competition, as these two disciplines have had a successful history at Burleigh.

For the Season the Nipper Sign on Days will be in August & September of each year.

Nippers commences middle September.

Once Nippers commences in the month of September each year then Sign On’s will be on each Sunday from 8am.

Each Season Nippers are required to complete a Nipper Pool Evaluation before they engage in Nipper Activities.

If you are attending a Nipper Sign On Day, could all new members please bring a copy of your Child’s Birth Certificate or Passport and swimmers for the pool swim assessment, as our Club ensures that your Child meets the minimum Surf Life Saving requirements in this respect.